19th March 2020

Sleeping well with an end of day routine.

18th March 2020

Your culture values are about to be put to the test!

15th August 2019

Aga Bajer from The Culture Lab

Welcome – 0:50 It’s All Hstory – 14:25 Yes but how? – 21:00 Check this out – 27:00 That’s it – 34:00 SHOW NOTES Aga Bajar […]
5th August 2019

How important is your goal?

In the Midlands there is a toll road. A motorway that charges £6.40 to skip the traffic. £6.40 to by-pass 27 miles of heavily congested M6 […]
17th June 2019

It all comes down to people!

Thought for the day: People are just trying to get through life with the most peace and joy and enrichment and least stress, pain and anguish. […]
11th June 2019

Keep on moving!

3rd June 2019

Leading = Service not power!

Leadership is simple. Your job as a leader is not to be ‘in charge’, but to be ‘in service’. If you are leading a team, your […]
3rd June 2019

Life is uncertainty!

30th May 2019

Ethos Magazine with Lucy Chesters

This month I am with Lucy Chesters, the editor of Ethos Magazine talking about the print magazine looking at business definitely not as usual! And there […]