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The Culture Design Series

Designing the right culture for your company is not an optional extra. The future of your company begins with the culture you design today.

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🤯 Super-helpful structure and tools

Designing the right culture for your company is not an optional extra. Any organisation that wants to attract the best talent and effectively grow their brand has to build a strong, authentic, consistent culture, but few leaders have the tools or support to do it well.

It's simple to understand, but difficult to implement. It takes persistence and sometimes a little help from outside.

The Culture Guy's Culture Design Series takes senior leaders through the process of creating the perfect culture for your company.

Using our proprietary Culture Canvas, evolved over ten years studying incredible leaders and world-class brands, we go take leaders on a journey of discovery helping them articulate and cultivate a culture where high performing teams thrive and achieve.

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Defining Purpose & Framing Outcomes

Discover what drives your company at its core as we explore your purpose and the impactful ways you're changing the world. Learn the rules of the game that guide your organization's journey toward success.


Who's In and Who's Out

Recruitment, onboarding, leadership and trust building.  Master the art of talent acquisition and integration. Get the right people on board and lead by exemplifying egoless leadership—crucial for a thriving workplace culture.

Brand Voice & Communication

Dive deep into the essence of your brand voice. Align your marketing and internal communications to resonate with one coherent, powerful message that stimulates consistent emotions.

Getting Things Done 1: Environment & Rewards

Examine how your workspace and reward systems shape your team's experience. It’s all about the emotional impact—how do your people feel at work?

Getting Things Done 2: Processes & Procedures

Evaluate if your daily processes bolster or undermine your goals. Ensure every operational aspect aligns with your mission, maintaining trust and integrity within your organization.

Elevate & Rise Above the Competition

Cultivate a unique company culture to distinguish yourself from competitors. While ideas and products can be replicated, your distinct culture is your secret weapon that can't be stolen.

All sessions are crafted based on Kolbe’s Learning Cycle and training design principles, ensuring full engagement from each participant. Timings are flexible and can be tailored to the group's dynamics and interaction levels. This workshop is committed to providing a safe space where confidentiality and respect are the foundational ground rules. Join us in this expectional series to become the leader the future needs—a leader who is not just the best, but one who brings out the best in others.

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The Culture Design Series

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