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Four steps to changing the world

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Not all difficult conversation are the same. Do you know the difference?

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Benjamin Drury - August 4, 2023

Four steps to changing the world

How to change the world: Step One.

1. Be Frustrated.  😡

Nothing sparks action like negative emotion, so take a look at the world. What frustrates you?  What do you see and think that should be like that? What problems make you angry? 

How to change the world: Step Two. 

2. Be Unconventional. 🤔

Use your imagination and start by dreaming of a world where the problem no longer exists.  What does a world without that frustration look like? Don’t be stuck in today’s thinking, how things have always been done, or what might be possible. Dream of things that never were and dream of the change you want to see.   Many businesses I work with look around and copy what other people do. They’re running their own business, and they want to know how they should lead or how they should hire people, and they look at other small businesses and copy what the competition does. Then they wonder why they don’t stand out, why people don’t notice them. I have to work with them to build their own ways of doing things that reflect who they truly are, no matter how different or unusual they may be. If we are going to create a better world, we need to think differently, and we need to be different. We need to be unconventional.

How to change the world: Step Three.

3. Be Sociable.

You can’t do it alone. You need people around you. You need helpers and cheerleaders and others to take up the cause.  It’s not the first person that starts the movement. The first person is just a weirdo with strange ideas, it’s those people that join that really start the movement, the second, third, fourth, four hundredth, four thousandth person.   We need people around us to cheer us on. One of the core values that The Culture Guy operates on is that people can do incredible things when they have the right support, so we choose to be cheerleaders and not critics. We choose to challenge people and cheer them on. We all need those people. Find them and keep them close. And why not choose to be those people to others. Imagine if we could create a network of cheerleaders who helped each other be the very best.

How to change the world: Step Four.

4. Be Enterprising. 

Take action. Do something. Start. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be massive. Just take the next step. We have to be people of action to affect change. And actions compound. If I offered you £2.5 million today, OR I offered you a penny that doubled every day for 30 days, which would you choose? You’d really want to choose the penny because, after 30 days, the amount would be more than double the original £2.5 million. It would total to £5,368,709.10. 😮 The penny compounds very quickly. And so do our actions. At first, they seem to be inconsequential. It would take until day eight before I actually gave you more than £1 and to the 10th day before I gave you a note, and more than halfway (day 15) before I gave you more than £100 and day 21 before I got to £10K, but then it would soon start to ramp up. So take action!

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