25th May 2019

Comfort does not change us only pressure does!

22nd May 2019

Just get up again!

7th May 2019

Today is the day!

7th May 2019

Do you truly want questions?

Questions are a tool of a true leader. Not your questions to other people. (Although asking questions is a useful and necessary tool.) True level five […]
2nd May 2019

Happiness is success

24th April 2019

Take Action!

22nd April 2019

Just start!

18th April 2019

There is power inside you!

15th April 2019

How important is your goal really?

In the Midlands there is a toll road. A motorway that charges £6.40 to skip the traffic. £6.40 to by pass 27 miles of heavily congested […]
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