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How do you feel today?

How do you feel today? We pay for the emotion.. Read more

Trust the process and Tom Brady!

This week The Culture Guy family had some flipping brilliant.. Read more

Some Rules for Winning!

In 1979, the first year the great Bill Walsh was.. Read more

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Month: March 2016

I nearly quit! Here’s why you shouldn’t.

March 28, 2016 Benjamin Drury

I had been working on the problem for about five hours and getting no where.  This bug was driving me mad!  I’d been building the website for 2 weeks without much of an issue and I was on the home stretch.  I was finishing off some minor amends and a few bug fixes. It should have a been a couple of.. Read more

Not all data is created equal!

March 14, 2016 Benjamin Drury

Data, statistics and metrics! They’re everywhere. We’re constantly hearing numbers and comparisons and polls and figures to prove this fact or that idea. But is it all accurate? Is any of it reliable? Can we trust what we’re told? The honest answer is maybe, but be careful. Not all data is helpful, but it is all used to try to.. Read more