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Si Morrison
Si Morrison
12:19 09 Nov 20
I've known Ben since 2001. Technically, he's the type of guy who who you can rely on to know how something works and whether it's the right solution... to follow. Leaders listen to him.Creatively, he has enough passion and nouse to start a revolution and change the world for the better. Cultures have changed because he's been part of it.Personally, I trust him unequivocally. He inspires me to be a better person.Hire him!read more
Pam Bates
Pam Bates
08:50 05 Nov 20
I was lucky to take part in one of Ben's Culture Workshops. It was a revelation and it actually made our company stronger in the way we do... business.The workshop is worth everyone taking whether they think they are doing ok, but this will just unpin what we should all be doing with regard to staff, contractors, businesses ... this workshop makes to think!Ben thinks out of the box and challenges all of us. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.read more
Pru Gayton
Pru Gayton
15:06 04 Nov 20
I was fortunate enough to attend one of Ben's online culture workshops. As a marketer, I have always had an interest in mission, vision and values,... but probably more from a branding perspective, rather than culture.I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but, whatever it was, Ben exceeded my expectations! Ben is so knowledgeable and insightful on the subject of company culture. Thanks to Ben’s engaging manner, the online (due to Covid-19) version of the workshop was just as effective as a face to face meeting. He maintained momentum and interaction from the group with his positive energy; everyone participated fully in the discussions, even at the end of the day.Working through my mission, vision and values with Ben has been an invaluable experience. He has the knack of really drilling down into your business culture and making you reflect on your “whys”. This has given me the confidence I lacked and clarity I needed to positively focus on the future of my business. I would recommend Ben wholeheartedly – a really good guy to know.read more
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips
10:51 04 Nov 20
I attended one of Ben's workshops at the beginning of this year and was so so impressed. He truly understands the importance of culture for every... element of your business - no matter how big or small. He provided invaluable guidance that enabled me to articulate our company vision and values, which has helped my business grow in so many ways this year. Thank you!read more
Kelly West
Kelly West
10:47 04 Nov 20
Before meeting Ben, my perception on culture was completely different. I understood what it was, but I really underestimated just how powerful it is... and what a benefit to your business it really is. Ben has been working with us for some time now and he has been instrumental to our business. We knew what our culture was, but with Ben's help, we have now managed to articulate this and find the people we want to work with and alongside as a result. As a community builder, this has been invaluable. We can't please everyone, but those that share our culture, benefit massively by us being so adamant about what are beliefs and visions are. Competitors of your business can steal your ideas but they can't steal your culture!read more
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