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Are you a founder / owner who's company has grown and now you feel too busy to enjoy it, too busy for a holiday, too busy solving problems for other people. Download a free PDF copy of my new quick read - Too Busy!

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Increase revenue, reduce cost and save time!


A ten year study shows that companies with a defined culture that highly values employees, customers and owners and encourage leadership from everyone increase revenue by over 700%.

Find out how to do this in your organisation with a free 90 minute one to one coaching session with The Culture Guy.

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A recent Gallup poll shows that over 70% of employees are disengaged and uninspired in the work place, which costs a business over £2200 per person per year.

Find out how to do stop waste in your organisation with a free 90 minute one to one coaching session with The Culture Guy.

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What people are saying

About The Culture Guy™

  • I invited Ben to speak at the SDI 2019, annual conference and he was enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with right from the beginning. Ben really got stuck in by sharing blogs and social media posts about his session prior to the conference. His session at the conference was well attended and the feedback I received from attendees was super! I think culture hits the nail on the head for anyone who works in a team, across all industries. Thanks Ben it was great meeting you and I would love to work with you again in the future
    Hollie Etheridge
    The Service Desk Institute
  • We worked with Ben over the course of several months and saw exponential change in our company in many ways. The ideas he brought were easily implemented and created immediate changes for the better. Six months ago, company culture was not even ranked in reasons to work at our company, and in the most recent review, it was nearly unanimous that company culture was now the best reason. Not only that, but we are on track to have our best quarter and month in the six years since our company was founded, all this immediately following our work with Ben. Chance? I think not. This guy knows what he is talking about.
    Andrew White
    The Property Recruitment Company
  • Ben and I both worked at NCG a while back, but I know Ben best on a personal level and through volunteering together in a church context. I would describe Ben as a practical visionary. He dreams big and then carefully plans practical details to make it happen. He's enthusiastic, positive and hard working with tenacity to keep at it until the job is done, and done to a high quality. Ben is also great with people. He makes you feel valued and supported. I would never hesitate to recommend him for whatever he sets his hand to next!
  • Ben has really helped our team to understand themselves and each other. Super-helpful structure, process and tools, and Ben is an immensely likeable, knowledgeable and helpful guy. We’ll be doing a lot more with him, both internally at Ninety, and beyond with our clients where we want to help build effective insurance innovation teams.
    Dan White
  • I've known Ben since 2001. Technically, he's the type of guy who who you can rely on to know how something works and whether it's the right solution to follow. Leaders listen to him. Creatively, he has enough passion and nouse to start a revolution and change the world for the better. Cultures have changed because he's been part of it. Personally, I trust him unequivocally. He inspires me to be a better person. Hire him!
    Simon Morrison
    Freelance Design & Marketing
  • Having met Ben in a previous role at Newcastle College, I was impressed by his customer focus. As someone in a technical role, his focus on making things better for the end user improved various systems and products in that role. I was lucky enough to then spend time working closely with Ben developing Twistan. His technical expertise, business acumen and dedication to improvement are what sets Ben apart from others and it was a pleasure to work with him.
    Andrew Jarvis
    Eximo Marketing
  • Ben is a pleasure to work with and had a real impact at NCG. He is not only excellent technically but also someone who is highly creative and forward-thinking. Combined with the ability to develop intimate customer understanding and apply this to innovative developments that deliver real outcomes, Ben will be an asset to any business. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

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