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What’s the difference between leadership and management?

Leadership vs Management, who wins in a fight? The terms.. Read more

Four steps to changing the world

How to change the world: Step One. 1. Be Frustrated. .. Read more

Not all difficult conversations are the same.

Not all difficult conversation are the same. Do you know the difference?

One of the key things to understand about difficult conversations is they come in three forms and if we get the form wrong, the conversation session can go extremely badly.

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Month: January 2021

Which came first the economy or society?

January 26, 2021 Benjamin Drury

I listen to Freakonomics Radio Podcast most weeks. It covers interesting topics around the economy in interesting ways. The host Stephen Dubner chats to really smart people who’s ideas and thinking is backed up with quality research. I’m a fan. This month I wasn’t a fan. I was listen to an episode 447 on ‘How much we care about our.. Read more

Are you a leader or a controller?

January 18, 2021 Benjamin Drury

So many leaders in organisations today are just glorified controllers. They don’t lead people they control people. They get people to do what they want through control. True leaders inspire. True leaders attract people who want to follow. They have no need to control. They respect and gather people who want to be part of the vision they are building… Read more

Redeeming capitalism in rehab.

January 4, 2021 Benjamin Drury

Redeeming capitalism is like helping an addict in rehab. It’s not going to be easy and we’ll have to keep focused, but it will definitely be worth it and better for everyone if we can do it. You see, capitalism can be good. In fact, real capitalism IS good and powerful and enjoyable for everyone if we get it right… Read more