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Not all difficult conversations are the same.

Not all difficult conversation are the same. Do you know the difference?

One of the key things to understand about difficult conversations is they come in three forms and if we get the form wrong, the conversation session can go extremely badly.

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Keynote Speaker

I was blown away by his belief in his ideas, by his philosophy of culture and leadership.

Kieron Bailey, Founder & Speaker
EXP 101



Years Experience

Mobilising business leaders to stand up, stand out and create a people-centred human organisation.

Benjamin Drury, The Culture Guy ® is one of the UK’s top challenge speakers. Not just a brilliant inspiring talk, but the challenge to change and tools to take action. A compassionate optimist always seeking to create a world where everyone can thrive.

Benjamin is responsible for England fans singing Swing Low at rugby matches. He’s been on Dragon’s Den with his invention, Lacemups. He’s toured writing, directing and performing with theatre companies and he’s worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet. Benjamin makes workplaces awesome. He works with extraordinary forward-thinking leaders to help build authentic, purpose-led, people-centred organisations fit for the 22nd Century.

Benjamin is also lead coach for Northumberland Women and Girls’ rugby and he speaks on culture, leadership, and leaving a legacy.


Screw Politics: How to build a truly high-performing team.

Discover the transformative power of unity in our keynote, "Screw Politics: How to Build a Truly High-Performing Team." Through engaging anecdotes and actionable strategies, we'll explore how to transcend office politics and foster a culture of collaboration, trust, and innovation. Equip your team with the tools they need to thrive and achieve unparalleled success in today's competitive landscape.


Ultimate People Strategy: Attracting the perfect candidate and keeping them.

From strategic recruitment methodologies to seamless onboarding processes that actually work, along with innovation in employee engagement, we cover every facet of nurturing a thriving workforce. The power of tapping intrinsic motivation and emotional intelligence to crafting an environment where talent thrives. Elevate your approach to talent management and secure the future of your company with a workforce that's truly inspired.


The Future of Leadership: Training Leaders for the Next Generation.

Embark on a journey into "The Future of Leadership" where we confront the reality that the world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, rendering old leadership paradigms obsolete. In this dynamic keynote, we delve into cutting-edge strategies and insights that redefine leadership in the modern era, equipping your organization with the tools to navigate complex challenges and seize emerging opportunities. Don't get left behind – secure your future by cultivating leaders who are agile, visionary, and primed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow.


Unbreakable Trust: Building Teams That Innovate, Collaborate, and Rule the World.

The secret ingredient isn't just skill or strategy or leadership, it's trust. In this keynote, Ben reveals the blueprint for building and leading teams where unwavering trust transforms collaboration into a seamless dance of creativity and productivity. Discover how to foster an environment where every team member feels valued, innovation thrives naturally, and success isn't just a goal, but an inevitable outcome. Through compelling stories and actionable strategies, you'll learn how to turn your team into a powerhouse of unified vision and unstoppable momentum. Elevate your leadership game and unlock your team!

Benjamin in Action

Ben has given talks for many and varied clients.

Conference keynotes on culture, lunchtime learning on innovation, half day leadership workshops, three day in house retreats.

Whatever your requirements, we can find a format that works.

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Benjamin in Action
Marketing Conference

I would 100% recommend booking Benjamin.

Laura Squires, Founder.
Consortium Marketing

Reviews about Benjamin

This is just a selection of what clients say about working with Benjamin. You can read more on Benjamin's LinkedIn Profile

Easy to work with

I invited Ben to speak at the SDI annual conference and he was enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with right from the beginning. Ben really got stuck in by sharing blogs and social media posts about his session prior to the conference. I think culture hits the nail on the head for anyone who works in a team, across all industries. Thanks Ben it was great meeting you and I would love to work with you again in the future.

Hollie Etheridge, Conference Manager, SDI.

Hollie Etheridge, Conference Manager, SDI.

A masterpiece

A masterpiece, delivered with aplomb. Ben delivered some training for one of my clients recently. I had no reservations at all as Ben is extremely professional and diligent. He had a great rapport with the delegates and his communication skills are second to none. Thanks Ben, I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ian Farrar, MD, Far North Training.

Ian Farrar, MD, Far North Training.

Worth his weight in gold

Every step of the way I was blown away by his belief in his ideas, by his philosophy of culture and leadership. As Ben spoke of the influence of hospitality and the power it has held throughout our country’s history, it brought to mind those who spoke of the birth places of revolution and our bars and coffee shops have been that. I felt pride, our tribe felt pride, and that is what makes him a great speaker, a man who can inspire passion and pride is worth his weight in gold. If you are offered the opportunity to book Ben to speak for you or organisation, then please, do it and thank me later in the same way I thank Ben for sharing his passion with us and our tribe.

Kieron Bailey, Founder & Speaker, Exp 101

Kieron Bailey, Founder & Speaker, Exp 101

What Benjamin can do is magic

What Benjamin can do for you in such a short space of time is astonishing. I saw Ben speak at an event and was impressed with the quality of his content and delivery. I then had a one-to-one session where he was able to help me articulate my mission, vision and values in a very short space of time. What Benjamin can do is magic! I highly recommend him

Charlie Whyman, Founder, Curious B2B Marketing.

Charlie Whyman, Founder, Curious B2B Marketing.

Would 100% recommend

Ben recently spoke at a Conference we ran and I have to say my colleagues and I were very impressed with his professionalism and ability to go above and beyond what was asked. He created promotional videos for us to help create engagement and was always on hand to add value. I would 100% recommend booking Ben as a speaker!

Lara Squires, MD, Consortium Marketing.

Lara Squires, MD, Consortium Marketing.

Valuable & relevant content

Ben made himself super-relevant for our audience. He listened to what we needed ahead of time, in terms of topic focus and key messages, and then incorporated our direction and our members challenges into the positioning of his material as the session progressed. Ben provided very valuable and relevant content during our event, and some great takeaways too. I would recommend him to anyone looking to bring focus and change in the areas of culture, team togetherness and overall belonging. On a personal note, Ben is a very likeable guy, and had some fantastic stories to tell from his past experiences that were really great to hear about - which added that extra dimension that you always hope for when engaging a speaker.

Lisa Hooley, Director, Shared Services Forum.

Lisa Hooley, Director, Shared Services Forum.

He's an absolute expert

Ben has done nothing but impress me from the moment I met him. Not only does he know his stuff, he's an absolute expert at what he does and working with him has transformed my business and came just at the right as our team continues to expand. I highly recommend Ben to anyone looking at understanding their values and creating the culture within their business enabling the business to run effectively even when they are to present in the business.

Ross Crawford, CEO, Mr Digital.

Ross Crawford, CEO, Mr Digital.

An absolute must for business owners

I recently attended Ben's workshop, Creating a Culture to Scale up. Absolutely loved it. The most productive and inspiring morning I've had in a long time. The content was thought provoking but not overwhelming, the delivery was challenging but never felt unobtainable. An absolute must for all business owners and managers.

Michelle Williams, Founder, Nurture Company Health.

Michelle Williams, Founder, Nurture Company Health.

Super helpful process

Ben has really helped our team to understand themselves and each other. Super-helpful structure, process and tools, and Ben is an immensely likeable, knowledgeable and helpful guy. We’ll be doing a lot more with him, both internally at Ninety, and beyond with our clients where we want to help build effective insurance innovation teams.

Dan White, CEO, Ninety Consulting.

Dan White, CEO, Ninety Consulting.

Ideas out of our head.

To get the culture of your business right from day one is vital. Sounds obvious but until you sit down with Ben and discuss your vision, values and culture, you really won't realise how necessary it is. With Ben's help we have managed to get all our ideas out of our head (even the common sense ones), onto paper and to produce a document (playbook) that we can share with the whole organisation. What better way to make sure we are all onboard and working towards a shared goal.

Kelly West, Founder, ONLE Networking.

Kelly West, Founder, ONLE Networking.

Entertaining and informative

Ben possesses a unique combination of relentless curiosity and insatiable desire to make things workable and practical. The result is that The Culture Guy is full of practically applicable novelty! This makes the workshops that Ben runs entertaining and informative. I highly recommend that you invite Ben to have a look at your organisational culture. As a solo entrepreneur, he has shaped the way I think about growth and my approach to working with anyone!

Naomi Light, Relationship Coach.

Naomi Light, Relationship Coach.

I highly recommend

I have read the book and attended a one day workshop - Ben is simply a genius at this subject! For my own business, as is probable for most, I know what I wanted to say but was `lost for words`! Ben helped me put together a powerful mission statement, create a vision and calculate clear values. I highly recommend businesses needing help developing their ideas into a clear and meaningful reality engage with The Culture Guy. Thanks Ben.

Claire Hartnell, Founder, C J Garden Services.

Claire Hartnell, Founder, C J Garden Services.


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