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Building champion teams

Culture & Leadership

Benjamin Drury, The Culture Guy ® is one of the UK’s top challenge speakers. Not just a brilliant inspiring talk, but the challenge to change and tools to take action. A compassionate optimist always seeking to create a world where everyone can thrive.

Benjamin is responsible for England fans singing Swing Low at rugby matches. He’s been on Dragon’s Den with his invention, Lacemups. He’s toured writing, directing and performing with theatre companies and he’s worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet. Benjamin makes workplaces awesome. He works with extraordinary forward-thinking leaders to help build authentic, purpose-led, people-centred organisations fit for the 22nd Century.

Benjamin is lead coach for Northumberland Women and Girls’ rugby and he speaks on culture, leadership, and leaving a legacy.


01. Culture of Champions

Building High-Performing Teams
How do you create a human businesses and build a high-performing teams. In today’s competitive business world, being healthy is the main thing that will give businesses an edge over their competitors and make them stand out. And being healthy comes from deliberately building the right culture. This keynote takes you through the how, the why and the proven impact of defining a strong culture.

02. The Future of Leadership

Ready for Tomorrow
The world is changing and leadership needs to evolve to cope with the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. This session explores the transformative elements of human leadership, autonomy, empathy, and distributed decision-making needed in the future business landscape. Full of practical strategies for leaders to cultivate autonomy while ensuring alignment and accountability, and packed with stories and case studies that showcase real-life examples of empathetic leaders and their profound influence on teams and organisations.

03. From Try to Conversion

The Sporting Mindset
This keynote speech and presentation will explore the ways in which the principles of communication used in the high-pressure and fast-paced environment of rugby can be applied to create a well-oiled, high-performing organisation. The Culture Canvas field of play: How to apply this methodology to any workplace.

04. Picking Your Team

Hiring the Perfect People
Designing the recruitment and onboarding process to ensure you attract, engage and inspire the perfect candidates to become a motivated team. Using The Culture Guy’s propriety recruitment and onboarding design service, Ben will take you through seven steps to improve your recruitment and onboarding to reduce turnover, save money and build a high-performing team.

05. How to Change the World

Building for 22nd Century
What if we could build a society based on service, justice, generosity and the collective good? What if communities always come together to support each other and build a fairer, more inclusive world today and future generations for the next 1000 years? What if you were all cheerleaders instead of critics? What if our leaders actually chose to selflessly serve the people? How different would our world be?

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Happy Clients' Feedback

What do previous clients say about working with Benjamin on events?

Ian Farrar

A masterpiece delivered with aplomb. He had a great rapport with the delegates and his communication skills are second to none.

Ian Farrar

MD, Far North Training
Lara Squires

My colleagues and I were very impressed with his professionalism and ability to go above and beyond. I would 100% recommend booking Ben as a speaker.

Lara Squires

Founder, Consortium Marketing

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