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Benjamin Drury - December 6, 2021

Culture is the mindset of an organisation. 

Culture is the most influential part of any organisation.  

It affects and drives everything else.  It is foundational.  It is the core of who you are as an organisation.  It is the beating heart and soul.  It is responsible for how you dress, how you answer the phone, when you eat lunch, where you work, how you run your meetings, who gets hired, how your boss treats you, how much money you make, the design of the space you work in, when you take your holidays, what work you do, how you treat customers, the products and service you sell, how much work you do at home, what you write in your emails, your marketing, your processes, your team and everything in-between. 

When it comes to individuals, there are literally millions of books written about mindset and how important our mindset is to our success.  We know that mindset drives our attitude, our actions, our achievements.  We understand how influential mindset is to how a person’s life unfolds. 

Culture is the mindset of an organisation. 

Yet most organisations let it develop organically, almost by accident.  They leave the culture to its own devices with no active input from people to craft the very soul of the company. 

In most organisations, it just mutates over time, coalesces to the culture of least resistance and ends up as a contextually flexible, ambiguous philosophy that’s not right, not fit for purpose, and leaves leaders wondering why they can’t recruit great teams or convince customers to believe their marketing promises. 

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