13th Dec 2018

Step out of your history…

10th Dec 2018

Success is the sum of small effort…

10th Dec 2018

Stop calling Human Resources Human Resources!

Simply put Humans are not resources.  They are the emotional, non linear, non logical, brilliant, innovative, intelligent, wayward, frustrating, selfish, selfless core value in your organisation. […]
6th Dec 2018

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up

5th Dec 2018

People will steal your ideas

1st Dec 2018

The road to success…

30th Nov 2018

Money is like gasoline!

27th Nov 2018

How to on-board to reduce staff turnover.

O.C. Tanner, a consulting company specialising in culture and employee recognition programs, found that 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days. A BambooHR survey found […]
31st Oct 2018

Proper Marketing with Andi Jarvis

This month we chat with my good friend and Marketing expert from Eximo Marketing – Mr Andi Jarvis.  We answer the question “What is proper marketing […]
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