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Benjamin Drury - March 28, 2016

I nearly quit! Here’s why you shouldn’t.

I had been working on the problem for about five hours and getting no where.  This bug was driving me mad!  I’d been building the website for 2 weeks without much of an issue and I was on the home stretch.  I was finishing off some minor amends and a few bug fixes. It should have a been a couple of simple updates.  It should have been!

Five hours into solving a single ‘minor’ issue with the sort order of a simple list, I was ready to quit.  I’d been going round in circles, apparently not getting very far – definitely not solving the issue, and I wanted to quit.  Give up.  Go to bed.

But I didn’t. For some reason I decided to give it another 20 minutes.  Something inspired me to keep going at it.  “I’ll get there soon,” I told myself (but not really believing it).

Sure enough in the following  5 minutes, I’d isolated the bug and in the next 10 minutes I’d fixed it.  In the end it was a simple bug that was well hidden in the depth of some detailed code.  But I found it and I fixed, because I stuck at it (even when I didn’t want to!).

Entrepreneurship is exactly like that little ‘minor’ bug.  It’s hard work, it’s frustrating and It seems for a long time that you’re getting no where.  It seems that you’re going round in circles; making no progress.  Just treading water.  It seems sometimes like you’ll never get it done.  You’re wasting your time.


Keep going, you’re on the brink of breakthrough.  You’re just moments away from discovery.  The momentum is building and you’re almost at that critical tipping point where things take off. Keep at it. You will get there!

Oh, and remember it takes at least ten years to become an overnight success!

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