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How do you feel today?

How do you feel today? We pay for the emotion.. Read more

Trust the process and Tom Brady!

This week The Culture Guy family had some flipping brilliant.. Read more

Some Rules for Winning!

In 1979, the first year the great Bill Walsh was.. Read more

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Four steps to changing the world

Four steps to changing the world

August 4, 2023 Benjamin Drury

How to change the world: Step One. 1. Be Frustrated.  😡 Nothing sparks action like negative emotion, so take a look at the world. What frustrates you?  What do you see and think that should be like that? What problems make you angry?  How to change the world: Step Two.  2. Be Unconventional. 🤔 Use your imagination and start by.. Read more

Culture is the mindset of an organisation. 

December 6, 2021 Benjamin Drury

Culture is the most influential part of any organisation.  

The triple bottom line: capitalism is too myopic.

June 22, 2020 Benjamin Drury

Modern capitalist organisations are far too myopic in their view of success, only measuring achievement with a very narrow set of metrics – all financial. To truly measure the actual success of an organisation we should be looking far more widely at the impact it has on the world around it. We should be looking at a triple bottom line.. Read more

Why is ‘why’ so important? 5 good reasons!

April 6, 2020 Benjamin Drury

Your business can’t be all about the money. Here are five reasons why you need to build something with a bigger purpose: Money doesn’t inspire most people. Very few people are motivated by money alone. Those that are, are not much fun to work with and if you want to grow your business to any kind of size, then you.. Read more

How important is your goal?

August 5, 2019 Benjamin Drury

In the Midlands there is a toll road. A motorway that charges £6.40 to skip the traffic. £6.40 to by-pass 27 miles of heavily congested M6 motorway around Birmingham. Over 50,000 vehicles use the road every week day. What would make you take the toll road? What would make you turn off the M6 and pay the price for skipping.. Read more

Happiness is success

May 2, 2019 Benjamin Drury
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