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Benjamin Drury - August 5, 2019

How important is your goal?

In the Midlands there is a toll road. A motorway that charges £6.40 to skip the traffic. £6.40 to by-pass 27 miles of heavily congested M6 motorway around Birmingham. Over 50,000 vehicles use the road every week day.

What would make you take the toll road? What would make you turn off the M6 and pay the price for skipping the traffic?

Would you pay to get home on a Sunday night? Would you pay to get to a holiday destination for a week away? Would you pay to get to hospital and see a dying relative before they passed away?

The same thinking applies to your goals and dreams. Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to do what needs to be done? Are you willing to overcome the status quo, step out of your comfort zone and do the work – pay the toll – to reach your goals? How important are your goals, really?

If you want to see your dreams become a reality, you have to put in the hours, do the hard work and pay the price. If your not prepared to do the hard work then you won’t make it and really have to ask how important is the goal to you. Is it really worth paying for?

It’s simple. If you want something, you have to pay the toll. You have to do what Trent Shelton calls toll action – do the work that others are not willing to do.

Decide today, are you willing to pay the toll? If not find another dream!

What would make you take the toll road? How big does the destination need to be that you choose to pay the price?

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