Do you want compliance or commitment?

Compliance is not the same as commitment!

Compliant people wait to do what they’re told. Then they do precisely what (they think) they were told and no more. They need lots of managing and reams of procedures to get the ‘best’ (or maybe most) out of them.

Committed people do what needs to be done. They don’t need telling, they don’t need regulating, they need freedom and trust. They may need some guidance and input, but mostly they need to be given a goal and left to get on with it. Committed people don’t need motivating to get best from them. They will often surprise you with what they can achieve.

It’s cheaper, less stressful and more energising to work with committed people. Aim for commitment not compliance.

If you’ve got the point of needing compliance then perhaps it’s time to move some people on and it’s definitely time to look at the culture within your organisation.

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