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How do you feel today?

How do you feel today? We pay for the emotion.. Read more

Trust the process and Tom Brady!

This week The Culture Guy family had some flipping brilliant.. Read more

Some Rules for Winning!

In 1979, the first year the great Bill Walsh was.. Read more

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Thinking: the talking of
the soul with itself.


Latest publications

We have very few answers, but here are some ideas we thought about and things to ponder.

Live with true Olympic Spirit.

August 2, 2021 Benjamin Drury

I love the Olympics.  Who doesn’t?  Every Olympics brings us highs and lows and amazingly emotional memories that will stay with us forever.  This year was no different and I’m.. Read more

Don’t hire the best.

July 13, 2021 Benjamin Drury

When Simon Sinek gives his students’ group work. He does a little experiment. Often when teachers organise groups, they put a selection of abilities in each group, to make the groups balanced and give each group similar chances of success and achievement. Sinek, does it differently….

Innovation: Why and How

June 22, 2021 Benjamin Drury

A 15-minute Keynote on innovation: looking at innovation and the impact it has on organisations. I cover some of cautionary tales of companies that failed to innovate and how to.. Read more

Physical robots to emotional robots

June 13, 2021 Benjamin Drury

10,000 years ago, humans made a transition from searching to cultivating. The first agricultural revolution saw nomadic tribes move from going out and finding whatever was available and following the.. Read more

Keynote speaker = catalyst for change?

June 1, 2021 Benjamin Drury

As a keynote speaker, I consider it my job not just to entertain and fill an hour with engaging thoughts, ideas and stories, but also to be a catalyst for.. Read more

Is your business plan too small?

May 24, 2021 Benjamin Drury

When I was 16 years old, I went to spend three weeks in Wales on an outward bound course doing things like hiking the hills, swimming in freezing lakes and.. Read more

Learning from the Garbage

May 18, 2021 Benjamin Drury

It’s amazing what people throw out and as the old saying goes, “one man’s garbage is another man’s gold.”

Success is not just waking up, it’s getting up!

April 24, 2021 Benjamin Drury

The difference between successful people and other people is the difference between getting up and waking up! Waking up is easy. We all wake up! But as the nights close.. Read more

Do you want compliance or committment?

April 24, 2021 Benjamin Drury

Compliance is not the same as commitment! Compliant people wait to do what they’re told. Then they do precisely what (they think) they were told and no more. They need.. Read more

How to get people to love your business

April 24, 2021 Benjamin Drury

If you want people to love your business, love them.  Employees, clients, suppliers.  Love them first and they will love you and your business. “People don’t care how much you.. Read more

What the hell do you do all day?

April 24, 2021 Benjamin Drury

If we want to succeed in business we need clarity and consistency. We need to be clear about what we’re doing, so we know what to focus on and also.. Read more

The greatest leader in history?

April 24, 2021 Benjamin Drury

I’ve been re-reading a book (Shackleton’s Way) that explores Sir Ernest Shackleton’s amazing and aptly named Endurance Expedition.  Perhaps the greatest heroic failure in history. The Endurance expedition never made.. Read more

Find ways to build trust

March 29, 2021 Benjamin Drury

This is Part 5 – Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  & Part 4 of our five part series Trust is the foundation stone of any team’s success.  Without trust a team is.. Read more

Communicate Better

March 22, 2021 Benjamin Drury

This is Part 4 – Read Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 of our five part series While everyone worked in the same geographical location, most communication happened organically – chatting over.. Read more

Clarify Expectations.

March 15, 2021 Benjamin Drury

This is Part 3 – Read Part 1 & Part 2 of our five part series Once you introduce this new level of self-motivation and self organisation for people, they.. Read more

Choose a different metric.

March 8, 2021 Benjamin Drury

This is Part 2 – Read Part 1 of our five part series The great thing about moving to a more fluid rather than a balanced operating model (see last week’s post).. Read more

Stop looking for balance.

March 1, 2021 Benjamin Drury

The word balance is ok when you’re talking about nutrition.  It’s a great thing when you’re riding a bike: without balance there is only grazed knees and tears.  When it.. Read more

What’s the biggest issue of our time?

February 8, 2021 Benjamin Drury

The biggest issue of our time is not climate change. It’s not COVID 19. It’s not Brexit or the economic debt from Brexit and COVID. The biggest issue is not.. Read more

Which came first the economy or society?

January 26, 2021 Benjamin Drury

I listen to Freakonomics Radio Podcast most weeks. It covers interesting topics around the economy in interesting ways. The host Stephen Dubner chats to really smart people who’s ideas and.. Read more

Are you a leader or a controller?

January 18, 2021 Benjamin Drury

So many leaders in organisations today are just glorified controllers. They don’t lead people they control people. They get people to do what they want through control. True leaders inspire… Read more

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