5th February 2018

What is culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Peter Drucker Imagine, one day you’re walking through the town where you live.  A route you walk on a regular basis.  […]
29th January 2018

What do you do all day?

26th August 2017

Forget ‘priorities’, you can only have one ‘priority’!

You can actually only ever have one priority. Everything else comes second! Up until as recently as the beginning of the last century, priority was a […]
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30 March 2018

How to rid your organisation of politics and hidden agendas!

In his book, “The Advantage”, international business consultant Patrick Lencioni says that in order for an organisation to survive and thrive, it not only needs to […]
20 April 2018

Five simple questions every business MUST answer to build a world class culture!

Most business are smart organisations – they have effective strategy, marketing, financial controls and technology infrastructure. Very few medium to large organisations are ‘healthy’ – minimal […]

The One Framework ™
A decade in development...

Imagine your organisation with no politics. No hidden agendas. No complaining, just productivity. Imagine a massively high performing team that took so little management you didn't know what to do with your time. With The One Framework ™, developed by studying organisations for over decade, we can make this happen. Click one the four stages above for more...

Imagine a different world
Where everyone loves what they do...

Imagine a world where every single person is fulfilled and passionate about their job. A world where everyone loves getting up in the morning and going to work. A world where people really enjoy their jobs and work on projects that are meaningful. Roles they are brilliant at. Imagine every person coming home happy at the end of the working day; feeling fulfilled having worked on something worthwhile; something of value. Imagine that! Imagine how different the world would be.

It sounds like a introductory synopsis from a dystopian novel where there is some secret underhanded power controlling people, yet to be revealed later in the story as it unfolds. But, what if it were true? What if it life was actually like this? How would the world change?

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