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Not all difficult conversations are the same.

Not all difficult conversation are the same. Do you know the difference?

One of the key things to understand about difficult conversations is they come in three forms and if we get the form wrong, the conversation session can go extremely badly.

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Benjamin Drury - February 8, 2021

What’s the biggest issue of our time?

The biggest issue of our time is not climate change. It’s not COVID 19. It’s not Brexit or the economic debt from Brexit and COVID. The biggest issue is not war or terrorism.

The biggest issue of our time is our inability to debate without hate. Our inability to properly discourse. Our inability to listen and have compassion for those with different views.

We seem incapable, on the whole, to disagree with people without hating them or denigrating them and attacking the person rather than just the views and ideas they express.

Until we are able to disagree, have discourse, and argue our point without hatred or anger, or disgust then we cannot truly learn and we can grow as a community or society. We cannot build together better and more robust solutions to the world’s problems.

When we are able to discuss, and discourse and have good conflict, arguing and exploring subjects and solutions, without personalising and insulting and denigrating the individuals on the other side of the debate, then all other problems are solvable.

When we can see our opposition not as an enemy, but as an ally with a different view, we will no longer think about WINNING or LOSING, but about building something better for everyone together, even those who disagree with us. A place where everyone wins. Where every life gets better. Mine, yours, the immigrants, the working class, the billionaire, the socialist, the capitalist, male, female, black, white, or whatever group you identify with.

So to build a better world we need to become better people. People willing to learn, listen, speak and argue our point from a positive viewpoint, not squash our perceived enemy from a negative viewpoint. We need to debate without hate.

Be better.

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