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22 June 2020
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What changes does working from home bring to how we do business?

Here are a few questions that occur to me while pondering what life and work in 2021 will bring as the world slowly recovers from a modern pandemic that stopped the world’s economy.

Once business leaders become comfortable that working from home is not a problem to productivity and getting things done doesn’t need to mean being in the office, how long will it be before they realise that working from Asia is not much different and start to outsource non face to face functions.

Will we start to view offices as merely a platform to achieve business goals? Where it adds to the impact, where people need community to reach goals, offices will be useful, where they don’t offices will be an unnecessary cost.

And if people are not attending central offices, then will people start to migrate away from the big cities, to smaller communities (as long as the broadband infrastructure is in place)?

Just a few thoughts to ponder. Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Benjamin Drury
Benjamin Drury
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