"If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning."

John Mackey, Whole Foods Market

Wherever two or more people come together for a common purpose a shared culture will arise. It doesn't matter whether you spend time explicitly defining your culture or whether you allow it to develop organically, unspoken over time, every single organisation, community or group of individuals, no matter how small or large, will develop a culture - a common set of social rules and values that influence and define everything within the organisation.

And if culture influences and affects every aspect of your organisation, then why would you leave it to chance? The One Framework ™ is a simple and highly effective way of assessing and defining the culture you actually want.

Your purpose helps you be clear about exactly what is it your organisation does and why it does it! It's the first step to building an explicit culture.

Define your
'One Purpose'.

Getting the right people on the bus is imperative to being able to execute your purpose and reach your organisational goals, with minimum fuss.

Create your
'One Team'.

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Everything you say and write contributes to defining and building the true culture of your organisation. Be clear and consistent.

Find your consistent
'One Voice'.

Processes and procedures of an organisation, the way you do things, define and shape the true culture. Do they all pull in the same direction?

Make sure there is
'One Focus'.

What's in it for you?

Increase revenue, reduce cost and save time!

A ten year study shows that companies with a defined culture that highly values employees, customers and owners and encourage leadership from everyone increase revenue by over 700%.
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A recent Gallup poll shows that over 70% of employees are disengaged and uninspired in the work place, which costs a business over £2200 per person per year.
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