28th December 2018

Chase your passion!

24th December 2018

Be irreplaceable!

17th December 2018

The roadblock is small. Just start already!

This week in my house we have implemented a new rule, in an attempt to get my three kids to take responsibility for themselves a little […]
13th December 2018

Step out of your history…

10th December 2018

Success is the sum of small effort…

10th December 2018

Stop calling Human Resources Human Resources!

Simply put Humans are not resources.  They are the emotional, non linear, non logical, brilliant, innovative, intelligent, wayward, frustrating, selfish, selfless core value in your organisation. […]
6th December 2018

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up

5th December 2018

People will steal your ideas

1st December 2018

The road to success…

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