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What’s the difference between leadership and management?

Leadership vs Management, who wins in a fight? The terms.. Read more

Four steps to changing the world

How to change the world: Step One. 1. Be Frustrated. .. Read more

Not all difficult conversations are the same.

Not all difficult conversation are the same. Do you know the difference?

One of the key things to understand about difficult conversations is they come in three forms and if we get the form wrong, the conversation session can go extremely badly.

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Leadership Lessons The Trillion Dollar Coach.

April 22, 2019 Benjamin Drury

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google, recently contributed to a book on leadership lessons from Bill Campbell. Bill Campbell was reknowned in Silicon Valley. He played key roles in the growth of several of now major players in tech world. Companies like Google, Apple, and Intuit. He fostered deep relationships with Silicon Valley visionaries, including Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and.. Read more