1 October 2018

Culture Truth #6 – Measure and reward the right things!

If your remuneration and incentives are all geared towards individual reward, then who’s going to co-operate? If they are all directed at delivering the monthly sales […]
6 August 2018

Culture Truth #3 – Actions speak louder than words!

In life there are always rules. Ways of doing things that have to be adhered to. Life is full of rules, most of them we don’t […]
17 July 2018

Culture Truth #2 – Culture impacts everything!

For better or worse, your culture will influence every aspect of your organisation. The culture of your organisation will infect every single member’s behaviour AND every […]
13 July 2018

Culture Truth #1 – Every organisation has a culture!

Simply put, wherever two or more people come together for a common purpose a shared culture will arise. Whether it’s two people in a marriage, a […]
13 May 2018

Bad culture creeps up even in good firms.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Peter Drucker A decade long study looking at culture, discovered, that when an organisation builds a culture that values the needs […]