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Benjamin Drury - December 10, 2018

Stop calling Human Resources Human Resources!

Simply put Humans are not resources.  They are the emotional, non linear, non logical, brilliant, innovative, intelligent, wayward, frustrating, selfish, selfless core value in your organisation.

To think of them as a simple resource or cost on your balance sheet will not get the best out of them. It will not help you think of them in the right way to really dig into the huge treasure trove of value that the right people will bring to your organisation!

Your people are far more than just a resource, start treating them as such and start with the name.

What about Our People, reminding you that your team are people and that you’re included too?

Or perhaps People Experience like the accounting software company Xero use.  This allows you to remember that the role of this team is to create the right environment for people to thrive, by creating people systems and a culture that motivate and support people to be brilliant.

Maybe Human Capital, reminding you that growth in this area can be as valuable as financial growth.

Why not try Family Management?  If you really want to bring people together what better image to evoke than family.  Sure they fight and they have their moments (just like your team no doubt), but more often than not family member do want the best for each other.

Would Talent Management fit better?  You hired your people because of the talent they could bring to your organisation. The real job is to help that talent sing!

Employee Success might be the right name for your organisation.  After all, the key to your organisation’s success is you helping your employees succeed.

Or take a leaf out of social media company Buffer who call their Head of HR – the Chief Happiness Officer.  After all, happy people are productive people right!

What do you call your HR department?  What is the best name you’ve seen?

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