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People Strategy

Culture impacts everything.

A well designed culture and a strong people strategy isn't just good for morale or recruitment.  It can have a profound impact on the bottom line.

Including growing revenue by as much as 682% compared to just 166% for companies without a deliberately managed culture.

(Cultr.works 2021, Kotter & Heskett 1992)

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🤩 Revenue up by 682%
😲 Staff turnover down by 71%

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consultant & coach.

Experience the advantages of tailored consultancy services, designed to create a workplace environment that not only boosts productivity but also slashes staff turnover rates.

With years of experience, working with Benjamin Drury is not just easy; it's downright fun!

Our collaborative approach ensures a seamless integration of our strategies into your organization's DNA, making the journey towards cultural excellence an enjoyable one. With a proven track record of success, we're not just consultants, we're your partners in shaping a vibrant, engaging workplace culture and turning statistics into success.

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Culture Design

Recruitment & Engagement

Leadership Training

30 %

Amount you can reduce employee turnover with the right people strategy and designed culture. 

(Colombia 2018)
0 %

Percentage increase in operating profit for companies with consistent and well integrated cultures.

(HBR 2020)
500 %

Growth in revenue for companies that actively manage a consistent culture compared to 166% for those that don’t .

(Cultr.works 2021, Kotter & Heskett 1992)

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