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Benjamin Drury - July 2, 2024

Some Rules for Winning!

In 1979, the first year the great Bill Walsh was head coach of the San Francisco 49ers they only won 2 out of 16 games.  

The following season wasn’t much better.  Just a 6 – 10 record. 

But during those two seemingly disasterous seasons Bill Walsh had started a process which would land them their first Superbowl the very next year.  

And four more the in the next decade, becoming one of the most successful sporting teams in modern Superbowl history.

He did it by setting a standard for success & rules of winning.  

Here are his Five Dos and Five Don’ts that took the 49ers from bottom of the heap to top of the world in 3 short years.

1. Do expect defeat

When the stakes are high and the competition strong, you will sometimes lose. Don’t be surprise or derailed by it. 

2. Do force yourself to stop looking backwards and dwelling on the ‘train wreck’ you’ve been in. 

Learn and move on, it doesn’t define you and it’s mental quicksand. Stand up and move on. 

3. Do allow yourself appropriate recovery – grieving – time. 

When you get knocked down it hurts and it needs processing. Give yourself a little time for that, but don’t live there. 

4. Do tell yourself, “I will stand up and fight again”, with the knowledge that when you’re at you’re worst you’re often closer than you think to success. 

Bill Walsh’s first Superbowl win came less than 16 months after nearly walking away after a disasterous game against Miami in Florida. 

5. Do begin planning for your next serious encounter. 

The smallest steps move you forward on the road to recovery and eventual success. Focus on the fix. 

1. DON’T ask, “Why me?”

2. DON’T expect sympathy.

3. DON’T bellyache.

4. DON’T keep accepting condolences.

5. DON’T blame others. 

Five dos and five don’ts to help you get up and get on from the legendary Bill Walsh, father of the modern game of football. 

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