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This programme takes attendees through the The Culture Guy’s Culture Canvas and explores how a strong sense of purpose can transform the way we work and lead, creating better workplaces and ultimately, a better world. With a focus on leadership and organizational culture, this workshop provides a comprehensive guide to building purpose-driven organizations that prioritize the well-being of their employees, customers, and communities.

Adapt the progamme to your needs.

Simple 3-Day Workshop

Once a Month Sessions

One on One Coaching

01 – The Status Quo

Part One, “What’s the Point of Work and Why Care?”, explores the future of business and argues that companies have a moral imperative to do good.  It looks at the power of work to transform individual lives and communities.  It examines the role of money in business and how a purpose-driven approach can actually lead to greater financial success.

Part Two, “Defining Culture,” delves into what culture is and how it can be defined. It explores the impact of culture on employee engagement, productivity, and overall success.

Part Three, “The Point of Your Business,” examines the importance of having a clear mission, vision, and values, and how these can be used to bring autonomy and mastery to employees, while motivating and engaging them in their work.

02 – Journeying Together

Part Four, “Finding Your People,” looks at the importance of recruitment and onboarding, as well as the role of leadership in shaping the culture of the organization. It also explores how relationships and team structure can impact the overall success of the organization.

Part Five, “Talking a Good Story,” examines the language used by the organization, both internally and externally. It explores the importance of effective marketing and internal communications, as well as the impact of language on the culture of the organization.

03 – Getting It Done The Right Way.

Part Six, “Actions Speak Louder than Words,” looks at how organizations can create coherent processes and policies that align with their purpose, as well as building the right environment for employees to thrive. It also explores how choosing the right metrics and rewards can reinforce the culture of the organization.

Finally, Part Seven, “Elevate and Differentiate,” provides practical guidance on how organizations can stand out from the crowd by using their culture as a differentiator. It explores the role of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement in building a purpose-driven organization.