What We Do


"When people come together for a purpose, a shared culture will form. For better or worse, this culture will influence every aspect of your organisation."

Ben Drury, The Culture Guy™

Building the right culture creates a 'healthy' organisation. Most businesses are smart organisations – they have efective strategy, marketing, financial controls and technology infrastructure. Very few medium to large organisations are 'healthy' – minimal politics, clarity of goals throughout the organisation, high morale, nearly zero staf turnover, high productivity.

Being clear on your purpose and ensuring every part of the organisation reinforces that purpose creates a 'healthy' organisation and gives businesses a huge advantage over their competitors – they can focus more easily on the what's important; cycle through problems and rally round solutions much quicker; they create a culture where employees are able to excel, be more productive and reach goals faster.

Being a smart organisation makes you efficient.

Being a 'healthy' organisation makes you effective!

Purpose, Values
& Vision development

The key to building effective, healthy culture is to ensure your purpose is embedded throughout the established behaviours in your organisation.

The first step, is to define your purpose - your mission, your values and your vision - to help you create a behavioural framework and a roadmap for culture change.

Culture Audit
& Integration

Your culture is more important than your strategy and effects every single part of your organisation. The Culture Guy can help you understand your current culture and the impact it has on your success and your revenue.

Looking at employee engagement and leadership alignment we can help you to build a culture that integrates and reinforces the mission and values of the organisation creating an efficient and effective organisation, where everyone plays their part.

The Right
People on the bus!

Ensuring you have the best people in your organisation is imperative to being able to execute your purpose and reach your organisational goals, with minimum fuss.

Using the ground breaking i3 Profiling tool we can help your team understand each other, fill the gaps with the right hires and bring your leadership together with a single focus.

Making Customer

Your customer service is an extension of your culture. It's an overflow of how your empowered and inspired your people are.

We look at how your environment, your procedures and your purpose impacts your how your customers feel about your organisation, helping you to design an expectional experience that your customers can't help but talk about.