Every world-class athlete has a coach who challenges them to find their very best.

Only 19% of executives believe their company has the ‘right culture’.

360o Culture Audit

Take a deep look at your current culture from every angle – leadership, employees, customers – and ensure you are building the best environment for success.

Culture Certification

Get yourself Authentic Culture Certified and let everyone know you are independently certified as a genuinely purpose-led values-driven organisation.



Reduce employee turnover by up to 71% (Columbia 2018)


Increase operating income by more than 19% (HBR 2010)



Outperform the competition by 20% (Marketing Innovators 2018)

Codifying Culture

We help you find the right words to define and articulate your perfect culture so that you can truly connect, engage with, and inspire your people.

Culture Design

Helping you apply and integrate the right behaviours to deliver the culture and success you want – using The One Framework to ensure every part of the organisation reflects the true culture.

Culture Playbook ®

Once you have your culture defined how do you bring it to life and make it stick? A playbook is the perfect way to make everyone a guardian of the culture, not just the leadership.

Culture for One

Do you want your personal brand to be generic and safe or impossible to ignore? Create a strong, distinctive identity that makes you stand out against your competitors and always know what to say in your marketing, with Culture for One from The Culture Guy®

Over 87% of employees are not engaged costing you over £2,000 per year per employee.

Culture Fit App

Simple effective tool to match people to culture. Make sure all your hires are a perfect fit for your organisation with our brand new app. Quick to do, simple to understand!

Spk:Easy Service

Give power to your people and grow your business by getting rid of politics, stopping divisive gossip and building a truly thriving organisation.