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Recruitment &

Designing the recruitment and onboarding process to ensure you attract, engage and inspire the perfect candidates to become a motivated team.


Take our propriety recuitment and onboarding design service (R.O.D.) and find better employees faster?

From recruitment right through to your new hires first six weeks, we help you design a process and experience that means everyone join is the right person, given everything they need to thrive, hit the ground running and have the impact you hired them for.

"At Google, we front-load our people investment. This means the majority of our time and money spent on people is invested in attracting, assessing, and cultivating new hires."

Laszlo Bock, Google

The Culture Guy's Proprietary

Recruiting & Onboarding Design (R.O.D.)

R.O.D. includes:

  • 1. Job adverts written with company culture embedded, to attract the right applicants.
  • 2. Gatekeepers, so only candidates who truly wanted to be part of your purpose choose to apply.
  • 3. Designed candidate trial days and whole team feedback and vetting.
  • 4. Decide and commit only to the perfect candidate, who will contribute to the culture.
  • 5. Embed new hires into your organisation, letting them know why they were hired and what impact you expected them to have.
  • 6. Let your new hire know what they can expect from you and the support they will receive to help them achieve.
  • 7. Six-week new view – get the new hire to feedback and provide new insight on your organisation.

from £3,300 + VAT

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