Proper Marketing with Andi Jarvis

Kingdom Code with James Doc
2nd October 2018
The Emotional Culture Deck with Jeremy Dean
5th April 2019

This month we chat with my good friend and Marketing expert from Eximo Marketing – Mr Andi Jarvis.  We answer the question “What is proper marketing and what is not marketing?” and Andi shares some of his (not so) secrets to getting it right. As always, Simon will be with us to unpack it all and bring wise words on a subject that he has years of experience in.

And there will be the usual sections on people from history that we can learn from and digging into helpful resources that you can use right now.


  1. Welcome – 00:56
  2. Redeeming Marketing – 03:20
  3. Art vs Science – 05:55
  4. AIDA Squashed – 08:08
  5. Using the data – 10:23
  6. Print & virtual reality – 13:40
  7. It’s All History – 16:48
  8. Relevant Examples – 21:50
  9. Outside In clothing – 22:20
  10. Colin Kaepernick & Nike – 25:10
  11. Bravery in marketing – 28:10
  12. Yes But How? – 31:50
  13. Check this Out – 38:18
  14. Wrap it up – 41:00

Show Notes



Benjamin Drury
Benjamin Drury
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