"First, take the time to locate, describe and define it. Then help others see that North Star. Only then can your team navigate by it."

Keith Yamashita & Sandra Spataro


Every organisation needs to know it’s mission (what it does); it’s values (how it does it); and it’s vision (where it’s trying get to). These should be clear to all staff and communicated regularly and often. All actions within an organisation should be measured against these three – mission, values and vision.


The heart and purpose (mission) of a business should not be to make money alone. Money is like oxygen – it’s necessary to exist but is not the purpose of existence.


An organisations procedures, policies, traditions and environment should support and solidify the mission, vision and values for the correct culture to develop. No one in the organisation should be exempt from the behaviour and expectations outlined by the MVV and supporting policies and procedures.


Businesses perform better when employees feel part of a bigger agenda (MVV) and understand their personal significance in fulfilling the mission and vision of an organisation.


Organisations should ensure the right people are in the right job and are given the responsibility AND authority to perform their role, within a framework of MVV and current strategy set by the organisations leadership.


It is never OK to take what we know to be the wrong action, even for the right reason! However, mistakes are part of pushing the boundaries of what you do and organisations should have processes for allowing certain mistakes and learning from them.