The Culture Guy Philosophy


"First, take the time to locate, describe and define it. Then help others see that North Star. Only then can your team navigate by it."

Keith Yamashita & Sandra Spataro

Organisational Philosophy


When people come together for a purpose, a shared culture will form. For better or worse, this culture will influence every aspect of your organisation.

Individual Philosophy

Every one needs to know their mission (what they do); their values (how they do it); and their vision (where they're trying get to). These should be clear and revisited regularly and often. All your actions should be measured against these three – mission, values and vision.
Your purpose (mission) should not be to make money alone. Money is like oxygen – it’s necessary to exist but is not the purpose of existence.

The way you do things and the environment/culture you create should support and solidify the mission, vision and values.
It is never OK to take what we know to be the wrong action, even for the right reason! However, mistakes are part of pushing the boundaries of what you do.
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