Do You want your personal brand to be ordinary and safe or extraordinary and impossible to ignore?


Being an Irresistible Personal Brand will help you stand up, stand out and have the big impact you really want from your business. Find out your current irresistible score and ways to improve your brand with five key benefits:
  • DIFFERENTIATION. You’ll have a strong, distinctive identity that makes you stand out against your competitors.
  • DIRECTION. An Irresistible Personal Brand will help you make decisions, including what services to launch, how to deal with clients and who to work with and employ.
  • CONTENT. You’ll always know what to say in your marketing and when communicating with prospects, customers and employees.
  • FEELING. However people interact with you, they will intuitively feel what you are about and what you stand for. You will create lasting emotional connections with clients.
  • FOUNDATIONS. Strong businesses are built on a strong foundation of a clear purpose and as you grow, this foundation will ensure your business is stable and focused.
You will be scored in three areas.

Do you have a cult-like business where people beg to work for you and customers always talk about you?

Try the Cult-Like Business Scorecard and see how you compare.