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Benjamin Drury - January 21, 2019

Heroes of Culture: George Cadbury

George and Richard Cadbury believed in company culture way back at the end of the 19th century when they took over their father’s chocolate business. A culture where everyone thrives in work and life whatever their position.

At the time Cadbury’s Chocolate was a small business in the heart of England, but it didn’t remain small for long.  George and Richard had other ideas, and they set about crafting their grand vision. 

They not only improved worker conditions, during a time when workers had very few rights, but they actually built an entire town in Bournville (UK) to ensure their workers had suitable accommodation and a safe, healthy place to live. They built sports clubs to allow their employees to remain fit and well and give them opportunities to socialise.  They were groundbreaking with their employee benefits, giving employees a cash gift to start a pension in 1906. They provided funding to ensure some form of education for every employee under the age of eighteen, more than one hundred years before the compulsory school leaving age in England was raised to eighteen.

George Cadbury had a belief about the good that business could and should do.

“Nearly all my money is invested in businesses in which I believe I can truly say the first thought is the welfare of the workpeople employed.”

George Cadbury

Are you building a business? Then be more like George and build a culture where people thrive!

What do think about Kraft taking over Cadbury? How will it change George’s company and values?

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