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Benjamin Drury - February 14, 2016

What exactly is an Entrepreneur?

We’ve all used the term entrepreneur? We all ‘sort of’ know what it means.  It’s something to do with starting businesses isn’t it?

Well origin of the word entrepreneur is a 16th century Italian word meaning manager or promoter of theatrical productions, which was a commandeering of the French word entreprendre, meaning simply ‘to undertake’.

An entrepreneur is some one that does something. They act.  They got off their butt and make things happen. In business, in life, in anywhere they might exist.  They get ‘stuff’ done. Entrepreneurs are easy to spot, because they are always making things happen and they are always doing something.

They don’t just have ideas, the do something about them.  If you have lots of ideas and never execute, you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re a dreamer.

Choose to be an entrepreneur and act today!

What ideas have you got that you’ve not yet acted on?  Maybe we can help.  Leave us a message in the comments.

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