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Thanks for choosing the Zoom webinar plugin.

You can download the plugin here and install with the plugin upload function. You can read the README file in the plugin zip for usage information

How to Use

Load the zip file into WordPress plugins using the upload plugin function. You can then add webinars to the Zoom Webinar page in the admin with the following database

> Zoom Webinar ID = The ID from your Zoom webinar list in your zoom account.
> Zoom Occurrence = The occurrence ID from your Zoom webinar in your zoom account (Can be found on the URL if you click through to a specific webinar).
> Date / Time = The date and time of the webinars
> category = You can add an arbitrary category in WordPress, this will be used to decide which webinars to list when adding the shortcode.
> After Registration = the page to redirect to after a user clicks the registration button

Once you have entered Zoom webinars in the admin page you can add shortcodes to any WordPress page as follows

[zoom_webinar_registration category="culture" formnumber="2"]

The category is the category entered in the admin section. This will select all the webinars in the category for registration. The formnumber is used if you want to put more than one registration on a page (i.e. at the top and the bottom) Make sure each one has a different formnumber.

If you wish to style the buttons as a value to the theme options CSS for the class .zoom_form_button