Culture Truth #2 – Culture impacts everything!

For better or worse, your culture will influence every aspect of your organisation.

The culture of your organisation will infect every single member’s behaviour AND every member’s interpretation of other people’s behaviour and it will manifest itself at several different depths within an organisation:

  • the space and the environment your organisation builds;
  • values, beliefs and assumptions that people hold;
  • the behaviours people display and their interpretation of other people’s behaviour;
  • employees interactions with clients;
  • the amount of effort employees exert;
  • the respect people show for leadership and peers;
  • the clothes people wear; the external branding;
  • the internal branding; the processes and procedures;
  • people’s phone manner;
  • the quality of the equipment you use.

The list is endless.  Everything in your organisation is impacted and affected by your culture.  Whether you like it or not, your organisation has a culture (see culture truth #1), and it will affect how every part of your organisation performs.

Why are you leaving it to chance?

Spend time defining your culture and designing every part of your organisation to deliver the behaviour and attitudes that you want from your people in that culture or if you leave it to chance, you will end up somewhere you don’t want to be!

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