Key Points

Defining what culture truly is and why in the 21st century it's the most important consideration for organisational leaders. Five questions every organisation has to answer to start building an effective culture. The key components of an organisational purpose (the foundation of culture) and how to go about codifying organisational purpose. The 5 dysfunctional behaviours of team and how to avoid them to build a thriving culture. How to walk the talk and ensure all your communication and interactions reinforce your purpose to build authentic culture. How poorly thought out policies and procedures can impact and undermine creating culture and how to bake in culture to your policies and procedures. Full with inspiring stories and challenging examples of organisations building fantastic cultures and the impact it has on those businesses.
How does Google get people begging and competing to work there? How does Apple get their customers to sell their products for them and talk about them all the time? Or imagine every one of YOUR employees going to work excited and energised by what they do. Bringing their 'A' game, solving problems, hitting deadlines, going the extra mile. How would that change your organisation? Most business are smart organisations – they have effective strategy, marketing, financial controls and technology infrastructure. Very few medium to large organisations are 'healthy' – minimal politics, clarity of goals throughout the organisation, high morale, nearly zero staff turnover, high productivity. In today’s world of competitive business, being healthy is the main thing that will give businesses the edge over their competitors and make them stand out. And being healthy comes from deliberately building the right culture. A ten year study, completed in '92, showed that companies with a defined culture that highly values employees, customers and encourages leadership from everyone increases revenue by over 700%. Conversely, a GALLUP poll from a few years ago shows that over 70% of employees are disengaged and unproductive, which costs a business £2200 per person per year (That's £80Bn a year UK wide). Every organisation has a culture, whether it is explicitly articulated or organically develops over time, every organisation has a set of rules and values that influence and define the way people behave. It affects every part of your organisation from the meetings to the décor, from the people you hire to the profits you make, yet so few organisations spend any time defining and articulating it. The Culture Guy has developed a framework called the One Framework over the course of a decade studying organisations and the good news is that it is a straightforward framework that anyone can follow. The less good news is that while it is simple to understand the framework, it is not easy to implement. That's why so few organisations actually manage to do it. It takes determination, commitment, hard work and perseverance, sometimes against vocal opposition. But, it is entirely possible to build a culture without politics and hidden agendas. A culture where teams are massively high performing and take so little management you won't know what to do with your time. It is absolutely possible to build a thriving culture that not only improves the lives of employees but also improves the profits of the business. This session covers the 'whys' and the 'hows' of being deliberate in building a culture of success. And there is a bonus….if enough organisations start to do it, then perhaps every person can go home from work happy, fulfilled, satisfied and full of joy. How would that impact, families, communities, society? The mood of the nation would be transformed.