Some organisations talk a good story but don’t live up to their promises. Do you know how you're doing? Do you talk a good story or are you truly living up to your cultural promise?

"When two or more people come together a shared culture will form, whether you have explicitly defined it or let it grow organically."


Take our Culture Temperature Check and find out how you're doing?

During the Culture Temperature Check The Culture Guy ® will work with your leadership and the wider organisation to understand and assess what is truly important in your organisation. Helping you to find the points of friction and improve your culture.

The Culture Guy's Proprietary

Culture Temperature Check

The temperature check includes:

  • » Organisation-wide bespoke employee survey.
  • » Senior leadership culture workshop.
  • » Organisation wide focus groups.
  • » Full culture report.
  • » Quick win recommendations.
  • » Next steps culture change roadmap.

from £987 + VAT

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