The first part of The One Framework ™️ is to define your purpose, but once you have your mission, vision and values defined, how do you engage people and bring it to life so everyone in your organisation gets it!
One of the unique services The Culture Guy offers is the writing, design and production of a Culture Playbook. A Culture Playbook is a simple reference document that incorporates the important parts of the mission, vision and values, along with helpful notes on how this impacts the culture, the behaviours and day to day way the organisation operates. We work with your brand designers to reflect the organisations visual language and values so that it reinforces the culture.
Take a look at our mock playbook below or order a hardcopy from Amazon.

Imagine a place where you do you very best work. Where you enjoy working and are encouraged and built up by your colleagues. Imagine a place where your boss genuinely has your back and wants the best for you. Imagine a place of openness and vulnerability, free from politics and gossip. Imagine "Cogiva: An adventure in building a new kind of business!
This new book is a company manifesto and explains the culture at Cogiva - the mission, vision and values; the expectations and freedoms - our view of how we intend to do business. It's a book we give to all our new starters and defines what it means to be Cogiva!
You can buy a copy from Amazon or download the digital PDF right now!