The first part of The One Framework ™️ is to define your purpose, but once you have your mission, vision and values defined, how do you engage people and bring it to life so everyone in your organisation gets it!
One of the unique services The Culture Guy offers is the writing, design and production of a Culture Playbook. A Culture Playbook is a simple reference document that incorporates the important parts of the mission, vision and values, along with helpful notes on how this impacts the culture, the behaviours and day to day way the organisation operates. We work with your brand designers to reflect the organisations visual language and values so that it reinforces the culture.
Take a look at our mock playbook below or order a hardcopy from Amazon.

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Playbook Development

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Example Playbook

Imagine a place where you do you very best work. Where you enjoy working and are encouraged and built up by your colleagues. Imagine a place where your boss genuinely has your back and wants the best for you. Imagine a place of openness and vulnerability, free from politics and gossip. Imagine "Cogiva: An adventure in building a new kind of business!
This new book is a company manifesto and explains the culture at Cogiva - the mission, vision and values; the expectations and freedoms - our view of how we intend to do business. It's a book we give to all our new starters and defines what it means to be Cogiva!
You can buy a copy from Amazon or download the digital PDF right now!

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Culture = Strategy

Benefits of a playbook

Clear direction for simpler decisions.

Higher productivity & Lower staff turnover.

Less time and effort to manage team.

Happier, more engaged employees.

Simple tools to implement culture and behaviour change in teams.

Increased revenue and easier growth.

What people are saying

About The Culture Guy™

  • I recently attended Ben's workshop, Creating a Culture to Scale-up. Absolutely loved it. The most productive and inspiring morning I've had in a long time. The content was thought provoking but not overwhelming, the delivery was challenging but never felt unobtainable. An absolute must for all business owners and managers.
    Michelle Williams
    Nurture Company Health
  • Ben has done nothing but impress me from the moment I met him. Not only does he know his stuff, he's an absolute expert at what he does and working with him has transformed my business and came just at the right as our team continues to expand. I highly recommend Ben to anyone looking at understanding their values and creating the culture within their business enabling the business to run effectively even when they are to present in the business.
    Ross Crawford
    Mr Digital
  • Ben has an amazing capacity to bring out the soul in all of us and help business owners to dig deep and rediscover their passion. He wants to help and boy does he. Really cannot recommend him highly enough. Any business owner, whatever the size should to talk to Ben. You will be so glad you did, and so will your staff and customers.
    Sara Walker
    Claass Financial Planners
  • I was fortunate enough to attend one of Ben's online culture workshops last week. As a marketer, I have always had an interest in mission, vision and values, but probably more from a branding perspective, rather than culture. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but, whatever it was, Ben exceeded my expectations! Ben is so knowledgeable and insightful on the subject of company culture. Thanks to Ben’s engaging manner, the online (due to Covid 19) version of the workshop was just as effective as a face to face meeting, from the outset. He maintained momentum and interaction from the group with his positive energy; everyone participated fully in the discussions, even at the end of the day. In fact, it flew by and I was quite disappointed when it was over! Working through my mission, vision and values with Ben has been an invaluable experience. He has the knack of really drilling down into your business culture and making you reflect on your “whys”. This has given me the confidence I lacked and clarity I needed to positively focus on the future of my business. I would recommend Ben wholeheartedly – a really good guy to know.
    Pru Gayton
    PAC Copywriting
  • I had the privilege to attend an inspiring workshop with Ben. I’ve been around businesses for more years than I’d share and very easily bored. Oh my goodness was I in for a surprise! Ben truly knows his stuff and shares his experience with passion and common sense. I was totally immersed in the day that encourages all of the group to really look into their culture. I won’t say more, but get yourself on one of Ben’s courses. You won’t be disappointed. Ben you have some magic about you and I would go to another in a flash - you are inspiring.
    Pamela Bates
    Silk Bow Group
  • I have read the book and attended a one day workshop - Ben is simply a genius at this subject! For my own business, as is probable for most, I know what I wanted to say but was `lost for words`! Ben helped me put together a powerful mission statement, create a vision and calculate clear values. I highly recommend businesses needing help developing their ideas into a clear and meaningful reality engage with The Culture Guy!!! Thanks Ben !!! Claire Hartnell, C J Garden Services Ltd and Support Manager for ONLE Networking.
    Claire Hartnell
    C J Garden Services
  • Ben Drury aka The Culture Guy. My business partner and I attended Ben's course on Culture, we were both totally blown away with the whole course. It wasn't rocket science, Ben explained how to work out what our Company Culture was and how we could ensure it runs through the Companies veins. We have now used Ben's system and written down our Company Culture for all our staff to enjoy and be a part of. If you haven't heard Ben speak make that your goal in 2020
    Jennifer Todd
    Silk Bow Group
  • Before speaking to Ben, culture felt like an abstract concept only applicable to corporations. Now, we understand that culture is perhaps the most important factor in the early success of our business. We also see that by documenting what makes our culture so appealing, we will be able to scale our business by working with people who share our values, rather than oppose us. Ben's insight and ability to translate complex ideas into easy-to-understand sentences is amazing to witness and we're very grateful to be working with him.
    James West
    ONLE Networking
  • Having met Ben in a previous role at Newcastle College, I was impressed by his customer focus. As someone in a technical role, his focus on making things better for the end user improved various systems and products in that role. I was lucky enough to then spend time working closely with Ben developing Twistan. His technical expertise, business acumen and dedication to improvement are what sets Ben apart from others and it was a pleasure to work with him.
    Andrew Jarvis
    Eximo Marketing
  • Ben has really helped our team to understand themselves and each other. Super-helpful structure, process and tools, and Ben is an immensely likeable, knowledgeable and helpful guy. We’ll be doing a lot more with him, both internally at Ninety, and beyond with our clients where we want to help build effective insurance innovation teams.
    Dan White
  • We worked with Ben over the course of several months and saw exponential change in our company in many ways. The ideas he brought were easily implemented and created immediate changes for the better. Six months ago, company culture was not even ranked in reasons to work at our company, and in the most recent review, it was nearly unanimous that company culture was now the best reason. Not only that, but we are on track to have our best quarter and month in the six years since our company was founded, all this immediately following our work with Ben. Chance? I think not. This guy knows what he is talking about.
    Andrew White
    The Property Recruitment Company
  • Before meeting Ben, culture wasn't an element of business that I put too much value on. I knew it existed but if I'm totally honest, I didn't realise just how important it was. To get the culture of your business right from day one is vital. How can you expect to grow your business with the right people if they don't share the same culture and values with you? Sounds obvious but until you sit down with Ben and discuss your vision, values and culture, you really won't realise how necessary it is. With Ben's help we have managed to get all our ideas out of our head (even the common sense ones), onto paper and next steps will be to produce a document that we can share with the whole organisation. What better way to make sure we are all on board and working towards a shared goal.
    Kelly West
    Director of ONLE Networking
  • I invited Ben to speak at the SDI 2019, annual conference and he was enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with right from the beginning. Ben really got stuck in by sharing blogs and social media posts about his session prior to the conference. His session at the conference was well attended and the feedback I received from attendees was super! I think culture hits the nail on the head for anyone who works in a team, across all industries. Thanks Ben it was great meeting you and I would love to work with you again in the future
    Hollie Etheridge
    The Service Desk Institute