Culture in a Box

Do you want your business to be generic and safe or impossible to ignore?


For businesses with 5 staff or fewer.

The majority of businesses are treading water, unable to differentiate themselves and compete against the social media and digital marketing wall of noise. The key to standing out is found in your culture.

Become a magnetic brand

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful brands and know why some businesses appear effortlessly magnetic. And with Culture in a Box, I’m giving small businesses access to the same techniques and knowledge that big brands use to dominate consumer attention.

A ten year study shows that companies with a defined culture increase revenue by more than 700%. Why? Because people buy based on what they feel, not what they read and see. A business built on strong beliefs, values and purpose creates a connection with customers which is impossible to fake.

“Culture is the single most important factor underpinning the success of business. Once we understood, defined and clearly communicated our culture, our decision making became easy. We know exactly who we want to attract and who won’t fit in. And we know exactly what to say on our website and in our marketing.

Our culture creates a feeling of community and belonging. When you can sell based on a feeling, you are working with something very powerful. The Culture Guy has helped us understand that feeling and most importantly, translate that into everything we do and communicate.”

James West, ONLE Networking.

Find your unique.

Every business has a culture, even when there is one employee. Your culture is you: what you believe in, what’s important to you. It defines who you want to work with and employe – and who you should avoid. And most importantly, it’s what will distinguish you from the endless number of businesses offering very similar products and services.

Culture in a Box.

This service, exclusively for small businesses, uncovers and documents your beliefs, values, and purpose into a culture ‘playbook’. It draws out the culture which is already there and shows you the words that make your business attractive to customers and employees, including guidance on how to communicate online and throughout your marketing.

“Your uniqueness is what will make your business unique. Harness and share it.”

What's included?

  • 2 x 90 minute bespoke Q&A workshops.
  • During these two sessions, you’ll work one-to-one with me over Zoom to find your culture. I ask the questions, document the findings and show you what your culture looks like.
  • A clearly defined culture with associated behaviours written by me.
  • Copy to create your organisational culture playbook.
  • Design and print of on brand physical playbook (Optional at additional costs or you can create it yourself)
  • Bespoke marketing messaging report with templates and language consistent with the new cultural values.

What your business gets.

  • Differentiation. You’ll have a strong, distinctive identity that makes you stand out against your competitors.
  • Direction. Culture will help you make decisions, including what services to launch, how to deal with clients and who to work with and employ.
  • Content. You’ll always know what to say in your marketing and when communicating with prospects, customers and employees.
  • Feeling. However people interact with you, they will intuitively feel what the business is about and what it stands for.
  • Foundations. Strong businesses are built on a strong culture and as you grow, this foundation will ensure your business is stable and focused.

Get your own playbook

The first part of The One Framework ™️ is to define your purpose, but once you have your mission, vision and values defined, how do you engage people and bring it to life so everyone in your organisation gets it!


One of the unique services The Culture Guy offers is the writing, design and production of a Culture Playbook. A Culture Playbook is a simple reference document that incorporates the important parts of the mission, vision and values, along with helpful notes on how this impacts the culture, the behaviours and day to day way the organisation operates. We work with your brand designers to reflect the organisations visual language and values so that it reinforces the culture.


Download a free copy of our mock playbook to see what you can create.

ONLE Member Price

£900 incl. VAT

Over 60% discount on corporate pricing. Usually £2,296.

Visit ONLE Networking for a tenner and take advantage of the discounted price.

General Small Business Price

£1,520 incl. VAT

Over 1/3rd off corporate pricing. Usually £2,296.

Small business price applies to businesses with 5 employees or fewer.

What people say

“A masterpiece delivered with aplomb. He had a great rapport with the delegates and his communication skills are second to none.”

Ian Farrar, Managing Director at Far North.

“Not only does he know his stuff, he’s an absolute expert at what he does and working with him has transformed my business and came just at the right as our team continues to expand.’

Ross Crawford, Managing Director at Mr Digital.

“My colleagues and I were very impressed with his professionalism and ability to go above and beyond. I would 100% recommend booking Ben as a speaker.”

Lara Squires FCIM, Director at Consortium.

“I recently attended Ben’s workshop, Creating a Culture to Scale up. Absolutely loved it. An absolute must for all business owners and managers.”

Michelle Williams, Founder at Nurture Company Health.

“Really cannot recommend him highly enough. Any business owner, whatever the size should to talk to Ben. You will be so glad you did, and so will your staff and customers.”

Sara Walker ACSI, Director at Claass Financial Planning.

“Thanks to Ben’s engaging manner, the online workshop was just as effective as a face to face meeting I would recommend Ben wholeheartedly – a really good guy to know.”

Pru Gayton, Director at PAC Copywriting.


Why do I want to help small businesses?

Small businesses are where change happens. I enjoy working with large businesses, correcting and aligning their culture. But business is at its most dynamic at grass roots level and I love being part of that exciting period of a business’ development.

Why do I make services accessible to small businesses?

I’m fortunate to work with large businesses who have the budget for consultancy. Yet it is the smaller businesses who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford consultancy that often need it the most! Small businesses are defining the future of business. They are the ones that can challenge the perception that business is impersonal and driven only by profits by showing that businesses can make money, but also make better lives for its employees and the world we live in. If I can teach smaller businesses the tricks and techniques that are employed by corporates, I believe I’m helping to level the playing field and in small part, improve the contribution that business makes to society.