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Benjamin Drury - April 23, 2020

Culture ChangeMake your culture stick with a playbook.

Culture change playbooks.

OK, so you’ve spent time on a culture change programme and months defining your culture, your purpose, your values, the behaviours that reflect the values and the culture you are trying to build. 

How do you get everyone in your organisation to not only buy into the culture and demonstrate the behaviours you want but also to become a guardian of that culture?  How do you get everyone to stand up and protect the culture of your organisation? 

Well one of the ways that the clients I work with do it, is using what we call a playbook.   This is a simple 50-60 page, beautifully designed, easy to read (it takes five minutes to read from cover to cover) book that explicitly expands on the values and unpacks them, so everyone knows underlying attitudes and behaviours that drive the desired culture. 

It contains the purpose and culture definition of your organisation, and also the outworking of that culture on a day to day basis, it has sections on expectations of how people treat each and how they treat customers.  It talks about freedoms and how the leaders and organisation will treat their people and the personal benefits of being part of the culture.

It’s inspiring and encouraging and every person in the organisation gets one, so they ALL become the guardians of the culture and by putting something like this in people’s hands, you are physically giving them implicit permission to speak up when something isn’t right. When the values and culture are being violated.

It essentially means you no longer have to spend hours of your time and effort trying to get people to behave how you want.  They all know exactly what’s expected and they look after each other.

If you want to know more about how we can put this to work in your organisation, then get onto The Culture Guy website or give me a call, I’d love to help.

Stay safe and remember to think differently, create boldly and change the world.

(Video from builtonpurpose.tv on youtube)

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