Does your culture work? Are your employees fully engaged? Does everyone come to work excited, energised and bringing their 'A' game? Do you have customers or fiercely loyal fans that talk about you all the time?


Wherever two or more people come together for a common purpose a shared culture will arise. It doesn't matter whether you spend time explicitly defining your culture or whether you allow it to develop organically, every organisation has a culture that impacts everything in the organisation.
Defining your a strong clear culture can transform your organisation into a company with cult-like status, where people are desparate to work with you and customers become loyal fans that talk about you all the time.
How cult-like is your business?
Answer the following questions by deciding how much each statement applies to your organisation. Be sure to evaluate the statements honestly and without over thinking your answers. (For a fuller picture, get other members of your team to complete the questionnaire too.)
You will be scored against four key areas of culture?