Thank you for being part of the future and creating a workplace that inspires, challenges and helps people thrive and be their very best. Please read and sign the code of conduct.

As a culture positive company:

  1. We define and publish our clear and unambiguous purpose (mission, values and vision) for all employees to see.
  2. We will publish a public version of the purpose for clients and stakeholders.
  3. We measure behaviours and attitudes against the published purpose of the organisation. We reward and sanction accordingly.
  4. We behave fairly and consistently in line with the published purpose in dealing with all members of the organisation, clients, suppliers and the wider community.
  5. When we hire, we match people to our values and provide a full onboarding process to induct new hires into our unique culture ensuring it is protected.
  6. We actively engage in open and robust debate, and all team members are encouraged to question and challenge the status quo at all levels of the organisation.
  7. We empower leadership at every level in our organisation to serve and support team members.
  8. We are all guardians of the culture and are expected to speak up when that culture is being infringed.
  9. We create a safe environment for team members to be challenged by others and actively engage in open discussion, self-improvement and learning.
  10. We openly and honestly admit and own our mistakes and seek help to rectify the problems quickly and with integrity.
  11. Team members are empowered and supported to do their job with autonomy but are held accountable for clear outcomes and expectations.
  12. We are all committed to the purpose, values and goals of the organisation over and above our own personal goals and ego.
  13. We are all committed to supporting colleagues regardless of silos and organisational structures.
  14. Everyone is treated with respect as every role is valuable and important regardless of the position in the company.
  15. When we fail to live up to our cultural standards, we will openly and fully rectify the issue, and deal with the relevant consequences.
  16. Where there is a difference of opinion on solving issues of compliance with this code of conduct we will turn to The Culture Guy as a free, independent, impartial arbiter to mediate.

I, the undersigned, having witnessed the monumental progress that business has generated for human society, as well as its destructive impacts, do hereby declare a commitment to being part of the positive change by building a positive culture:

Terms and Conditions
  • Upon signing, The Culture Guy licences your organisation to use either the ‘Authentic Culture’ or the ‘Approved Culture Playbook’ badge, depending on the level of certification undertaken.
  • The Culture Guy reserves the right to withdrawal the licence and permission at any time.
  • The copyright for ‘Authentic Culture’ and ‘Approved Culture Playbook’ and all associated assets remains with The Culture Guy.