COW on a Mission

Building Business on a Mission

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What People Say

"A must for all  budding entrepreneurs."

"Find out how to make a business more enriching."

"This volume stands out as a beacon in support of a different way of doing business."

The Blurb

The issue at the heart of all that is wrong with business are organisations with a mission to maximise profit that supersedes all other considerations. I believe businesses should never have a mission that is simply “to make as much money as possible!” That’s pure greed! And greed is what turns capitalism bad! It’s what causes the sub prime mortgage market to collapse. It’s what drives Bernie Madoff to steal. It’s what causes thousands of job losses at Enron.

Greed is NOT Good, Mr Gekko!

Instead, let’s build businesses with inspiring missions and laudable core values that we’re not afraid to express to our customers. Let’s build businesses that are about more than just money. Let’s build Communities Of Work (COWs) on a Mission. This book shows you how to build your missional business and set about changing the world.

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