19th February 2019

Without failure you wouldn’t be able to walk.

Babies learn to walk by giving it a go and falling over.  The first thing they do after they stand up to walk is fall over […]
14th February 2019

Our limit is out doubts.

11th February 2019

Don’t let others decide what you believe!

7th February 2019

Excitement vs Fear…

5th February 2019

Here’s to the dreamers…

5th February 2019

Together – Stop Hating

Like a phone network with a single phone, on our own we are meaningless. There is no point. But together with others, in relationship, we gain […]
24th January 2019

All progress is uncomfortable!

All progress is uncomfortable!
21st January 2019

Heroes of Culture: George Cadbury

George and Richard Cadbury believed in company culture way back at the end of the 19th century when they took over their father’s chocolate business. A […]
21st January 2019

Good is the enemy of great!

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