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The Culture Guy

What legacy are we building?

What legacy are we building?

The rule of the game

The Mission

Creating amazing workplaces, cheerleading extraordinary leaders and building a better world.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to change the world, do things differently, create an impact and leave a legacy. Compassionate, generous, extraordinary leaders who want to use their business as a platform to create a better world.

I challenge and cheerlead compassionate, authentic and extraordinary leaders to build world-changing organisations fit for the 22nd century.

What's behind the culture guy

About Benjamin

Benjamin is responsible for England fans singing Swing Low at rugby matches. He’s been on Dragon’s Den with his invention, Lacemups. He’s toured writing, directing and performing with theatre companies and he’s worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet. Benjamin makes workplaces awesome. He works with extraordinary forward-thinking leaders to help build authentic, purpose-led, people-centred organisations fit for the 22nd Century.
What I Do

Helping you create a business
you enjoy running
and a legacy that has lasting impact.

Benjamin Drury

The Culture Guy

A bit of history

The Culture Guy

Benjamin is an experienced entrepreneur having built several businesses. He’s an experienced coder and a trained social worker. He understands people and cultures. He is a dynamic, entertaining and innovative speaker, having honed the skills during 15 years involvement in stage productions. He’s worked writing and directing stage productions, designing internet banks, developing and delivering leadership training courses, managing businesses, and building web applications for global companies.

Benjamin now lives at the coast in the North East of England with his wife and three children, speaking, consulting, writing books, watching and coaching rugby and following the 49ers in the NFL!
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Statisfied Clients

Building a legacy with authentic, purpose-led, people-centred organisations fit for the 22nd Century.

A masterpiece delivered with aplomb. He had a great rapport with the delegates and his communication skills are second to none.

Ian Farrar

Ian Farrar

MD, Far North Training

Ben’s culture strategy was a game-changer for us, aligning our values to our recruitment strategy has made us really focus on getting the right franchisees into our team. It also really helped us to focus on who we are and who we want to be as a brand. Highly recommend!

Maddy Alexander-Grout, Founder, My VIP Card

Maddy Alexander-Grout, Founder, My VIP Card

How good is your culture?

Do you have a human-powered business where people want to work for you and customers always talk about you? Try the culture/leadership assessment and see how you compare.