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Benjamin Drury - May 8, 2018

1440 Minutes in a day

If, everyday, I gave you £1,440 every morning at 6.00am and at the end of the day, took back what you hadn’t spend.  What would you do with your £1440?

I’m pretty sure you’d spend it all

You’d use it all.  You’d make sure there was nothing to take back.  You’d be totally spent, when I came round to collect!

Every single day you are gifted 1,440 minutes to spend.  And no matter what you do with them, the next day you get another 1,440 to spend.  You can’t go overdrawn.  You can’t use tomorrow’s until tomorrow.  You can’t save them away until you need.  You can’t stock up to use the surplus next week.

You have one day; 1,440 minutes; 86,400 seconds.  So do you end your day spent?  Used up? Fulfilled? Given your all?  Got your full 1440 seconds worth?

Why not start tomorrow?  What is your number one goal for tomorrow?  What would make your 1,440 minutes of tomorrow time well spent?

Write it down and commit now to make tomorrow count.  Or as John Wooden always said:

“Make everyday a masterpiece!”


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