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15th July 2016
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12th June 2017

How do you feel right now?  How do you feel right this minute at your work, in your office, with your team?  What are feeling?  What are you thinking?

Are you happy and excited about the work you’re doing?  Are you glad it’s Friday and you can’t wait to get home to your friends and family for the weekend?  You can’t wait to get away from these people and forget about this work?

Or are you loving today?  Are you enjoying being with your colleagues and buzzing to be doing what you’re doing?  Does it excite and inspire you?

The culture of your work, your team, your organisation is manipulating your feelings and your attitude.  You are being affected by what’s going on around you; by the way people behave towards you and each other; by what people say to you and each other around you.  Your emotions are being dictated by all the things going on around you.

You are living in a culture.  Do you like it or dislike it?  What can you do about it?

Well, as much as you are being influenced, you can also influence the culture around you.  The way YOU behave. The way YOU talk has an impact on others.  You have the capacity to influence and change the culture around you.  How are you colleagues, friends, family feeling about being around you today?

Benjamin Drury
Benjamin Drury
A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Helping entrepreneurs be brilliant! Typically I work with business owners and senior leaders who are unhappy with how busy they are and frustrated with how little time they have to grow their business. They are disappointed with the amount of politics and hidden agendas in their organisation and concerned with the lack of cooperation and motivation from their teams. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to talk about getting rid of politics from your organisation and finding more time for you to focus on what matters.

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