i3 Profiling

The foundation of talent management

The underlying conviction behind our service is the understanding that no two people are the same. This philosophy will dramatically enhance the way people identify, integrate, manage & develop talent.

As talent management specialists and by using our groundbreaking i3 personality assessment tool we can provide leaders, coaches and hiring managers with a range of talent management and career coaching solutions.

We call it all getting REAL with yourself and the people around you. In doing so you will build trust, relationships and productivity like never before.

Free Personal Profile

Using i3 Profiling - the ground breaking personality assessment tool get your free profile with bespoke,one to one personal individual feedback.

This assessment can be completed in just 15-20 minutes but its effects will last a lifetime. Taking into account 7 Individual Instinctive Indicators (i3), the assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person.

i3 Profiles can also be used to build the perfectly balanced team with i3 Dynamix. See for yourself and get your free profile now.

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Get your individual ground breaking personality assessment with bespoke one on one feedback.